Previous projects conducted


Yamuna - Elbe 2011


Francka Expedition 2008


Charneca & Memoria


Filip Van Dingenen was inspired by the district of Ganshoren and Paulo Teixeira's poem

'Charneca e memória' ('Marshes and Remembrance') to create a highly individual video.

Like Teixeira, Van Dingenen's source of inspiration lay in the rich history and rural character of the borough of Ganshoren. Next to an illuminated news trailer showing Teixeira's poem he placed a video that paid tribute to St. Martin's Parade, which until recently was an annual high day in the borough. In the film St. Martin travels on horseback from the romantic marshes to a urbanised residential area full of high-rise buildings, like a journey through time, from nature to culture and from village to city.


Inn Kasterlee


Drive in cinema, rural movie theatre, grotesk film screening and laid back Kempen holidays - Frans Masereel Centre


An Inland Voyage 2.0


7 bas reliefs


Bobby's Heaven